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Finding the Right Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Centre

Going under the knife for cosmetic reasons is something that thousands of Australians decide to do each year. With 7 out of 10 people believed to be unhappy with their looks, it’s no wonder why so many are turning to the power of plastic surgery. With procedures now at an all-time low, it’s never been more affordable to enhance aesthetics and boost your confidence.

But before taking to the operating table, there are a few things that all patients should consider.

Operating times

Depending on the type of procedure, you could be required to remain stationary for anywhere between an hour and half a day. For less intrusive surgeries (such as Rhinoplasty), you might be kept awake throughout the process; albeit under the effects of local anaesthetic to eliminate pain. Although risky this form of medication is necessary – as without it a patient will be experiencing the effect of every cut and slice on nerves and tissue.

For lengthier procedures, you might be placed under a general anaesthetic and this brings us onto our next consideration.


Although commonly used for surgeries of all types, anaesthetic can still be a very risky substance to be exposed to. Fortunately leading plastic surgeons will have a firm understanding of the right dosages to administer, as well as the potential effects that particular amounts can have on the human body. Before undergoing surgery, your surgeon will check your physical health and then compare their findings with your age and gender.

If any concerns are present, then you might be advised to return when your body is in a better position to receive anaesthetic (weight, fitness, etc.)

Recovery times

Even the most minimalistic of surgical procedures will require a certain amount of recovery time. If a patient isn’t allowed to rest up for a while, then the effects of their surgery can suffer as a result –and this is definitely something that you’ll want to avoid. The recovery times will vary depending on the type of procedure, but in most instances it’s fairly safe to assume that the quicker the surgery, the less the rest period will need to be.

Rhinoplasty can take a couple of weeks, as can breast augmentation. Liposuction and other surgeries can take a little longer, and very extensive surgeries can take up to three months to heal fully.

A good cosmetic surgeon centre will be able to offer a great amount of advice and guidance relating to the types of surgeries available, and what a patient should expect. There’s no better source of information than the medical practitioner that will be undertaking your procedure and this is why so many insist of offering consultations to patients, before making final plans for the surgery.

During this phase, you’ll be free to ask questions, get to know a little bit more about your surgeon and even review before and after photos of patients that were previously in your shoes. Modifying your body should never be a decision to take lightly, so going in prepared can make a lot of difference to your comfort and reassurance.

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