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Choosing The Right Perfume For Your Girlfriend

There are a few advantages to giving your girlfriend a delightful fragrance that she loves. You will earn essential relationship points for your romantic and flair refined taste. Additionally, you will get extra points for taking a challenging path when flowers or candy would have been a safer option. She will enjoy the fact that you like to take risks.

However, you are not likely to get away with merely choosing a perfume that you like. When it comes to picking out a perfume she will love and enjoy wearing, there is no easy way out. If the perfume is not something she likes, it is highly likely that she will not use it.

This could make an already complicated task even more challenging. Your girlfriend could already have some established favorites, and even if she does not, it is quite likely she will feel drawn to some perfumes over others. A bit of careful sleuthing will provide valuable clues and if all else fails, a foolproof option is below. Selecting the right perfume for your girlfriend is largely about picking up on certain subtle signs. The guidelines below from established perfume experts Scent Split, will help you to make the right decisions:

What are the Scents She Enjoy?

Check her beauty products like hand lotion, shampoo, conditioner and other fragrances she has to look for any established pattern. If there are flowery scents like tea rose or lavender repeated in many products, this will provide you with useful direction. Typically, perfumes and other fragrances are placed into categories such as exotic, fruity, earthy, woodsy and floral. With knowledge of some of her favorites, you will be able to ask a sales professional for help in narrowing the selection.

Invest Some Time

Visit the mall and discover the popular perfume selections on the market. However, do not merely take a whiff of a “tester” perfume and instantly choose based on the smell in the bottle. Perfumes are developed in layers of different ingredients that eventually change when exposed to air. Spritz a bit on your wrist or a tissue and wait 30 minutes to determine whether you still believe the fragrance will work for her. This is important as scents morph as the hours go by.

Play It Safe

You might want to impress with a lovely bottle of French fragrance; however, it might be a better option to pick a less intense perfume, especially if you are clueless about what she will enjoy. Fragrances get their aromatic punch from essential oils. Perfume is the most costly and concentrated alternative with at least 22 percent essential oil content.

The least concentrated variety is Eau de cologne, which is roughly 4 percent concentrated. Eau de toilette has between 8 and 15 concentration percentage. Starting with a fragrance with less concentration will cost less; this can be followed up with a more costly and concentrated product when her scent is established.

Take Her Along

This foolproof method might sound like a cheating; however, it is truly a brilliant idea. There is no better way to choose the right perfume for your girlfriend than by taking her along on a fragrance-testing date. You can make a whole afternoon of it and she will be sure to enjoy the romantic attention. This method also makes good sense from a scientific perspective as all scents somewhat change based on who is wearing it. Some refer to it as the alchemy of personality while others call it chemistry. Bringing your girlfriend along virtually guarantees you will choose the right perfume for her.

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