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Cool Children’s Entertainment Tips For Your Child’s Next Grand Party

Planning children’s entertainment for your child’s next birthday or graduation party can be a lot tougher than it looks. Gone are the days when your kid and his/her friends would be satisfied with the magic tricks of your neighbourhood magician or traditional games like musical chairs.

Today’s kids are very smart and have a clear idea of what they like and, more important, don’t like. So, check out these interesting ideas for children’s entertainment that will help you win praise from your child and his/her party mates.

Live Show Parties

Live entertainment is a wonderful way to keep a crowd of children engaged throughout the party. The trick is to go beyond conventional options and give kids a lot of choices. Instead of just hiring a magician to conduct live tricks through the evening, you can opt for multiple live shows ranging from face painting, giant bubbles, magic and puppet shows, and storytelling sessions.

Children would just love the fact that they can paint their favourite cartoon characters on their faces, gawk at cool magic tricks, participate in interactive story sessions, and jump around a bouncy castle or blow giant bubbles under a single roof.

Offering multiple options will minimise the risk of your child ending up with a disappointing and boring party.

Take it Outside

Why says children’s parties should always be held indoors? If you have small garden or a backyard, then you can simply have all entertainment activities outdoors and bring the kids indoors to enjoy their party meal.

There’s no denying that an outdoor bouncy castle will be a lot more fun than setting up one inside your drawing room. From obstacle courses to good old lemon-spoon or sack races, you can let the kids run around and enjoy to their heart’s content.

Of course, you can always mix and match and have an outdoors entertainment session before having live shows indoors and finally topping it up with a hearty meal of tasty snacks.

Learning through Fun

Older kids often find the idea of throwing a birthday party to be awkward and confusing. For such kids, you can simply suggest multiple activities ranging from green screen dancing to trampoline competitions and let your kids choose.

If your child is artistically inclined, then you can setup DIY arts and crafts sessions with professionals and let your child learn something new through the fun party.

The trick to having a fun party for your child is not just about having a big budget. How you spend the money and how the kids connect with the planned entertainment activities is a lot more important.

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