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Four New Age Beauty Treatments That Have to Be Experienced

The New Age movement has seen a rapid increase in popularity over the past few years. Although greeted with scepticism by many, the fact is that thousands are turning to these types of holistic options every year; with just as many choosing to undergo beauty treatments that rely on metaphysical and spiritual activities.

Of these therapies, we’ve decided to tell you about four that could be deemed the most prominent available. Many salons will offer these services as standard and those that don’t are quickly making the necessary adjustments to cater to the increased demand for them. So without further ado, here’s a little more info on these types of treatments!

Reiki Healing

Those that practice Reiki consider their bodies to be conduits of energy. By harnessing this energy and expelling it from the hands and in to afflicted regions of a person’s body – growth, repair and recovery can be experienced. Perhaps it’s all in the mind, but even research has discovered that whatever type of energy is at play; patients actual demonstrate an improvement in their symptoms.

Massage Therapy

Part physical and part metaphysical, massage has been around for centuries, if not millennia. Although a common treatment offered by salons and healthcare experts, it’s still considered holistic in nature due to the way in which is works. Certain types of massage are well-known for their use of energies, such as hot stone massage that relies on the transfer of heat and energy to treat damage.


Another ancient practice; acupuncture originated in the Asian continent and has since gone on to spread world-wide. By inserting a type of pointed stick in to pressure points and nerve endings, practitioners believe that the stimulation can aid in tissue repair, whilst encouraging spiritual healing simultaneously. The verdict on the effects isn’t quite out yet – but the majority of patients will agree that the results are noticeable immediately after being treated.


Many salons offer naturopathic medications that are often used to complement, or even replace traditional modern medicines. Although not so much a treatment as it is a form of remedies, naturopathy is nonetheless something that spas offer to their clients – and when combined with other services (such as massage, acupuncture and Reiki), many people claim that they feel better and enjoy higher levels of energy.

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