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Tips For Buying A Ladies Bike

Women get a lot of advice whenever they opt to buy a bike—advise from friends, sales people, and social media. While advice on the best bike for ladies can overlap, it can also vary. Like any other item, a good sales person can convince you to buy a certain type of bike only to regret about it later once you are out on the road.

To save you from such unfortunate incidences, here are quick tips for buying a lady’s bike:

1. Style of the bike

This is the best place to start. There are a wide range of bike styles and they are designed to fit certain disciplines. They also have varying frames and components to cater for different performance levels, road surfaces, attitudes, and luggage requirements. Here are some of the most styles:

• Road Bikes: They are good for long rides through country lanes, road racing, and urban commuting. Since women tend to have shorter wingspan than men, it is advisable to go road bikes with shorter top tubes, narrower handlebars, and bikes with women’s saddles.

• Mountain Bikes: They are different types of mountain bikes but most of them are made for getting dirty-off road. They feature much wider tyres and have knobby surfaces which shed mud. Ladies’ versions have narrower handlebars and women’s saddles.

• Hybrids: Are flat bikes that can be ridden across a wide range of terrains. Some are sporty while others feature wide tyres and strong suspensions for off-road use. Other designs have slick tyres for fast rides around town.

2. Better sizing and Comfortable parts

Generally, men tend to be taller than women, so ladies bike ranges should start with smaller frame sizes. For more comfort, opt for bikes with shorter top tube as they tend to place your hands more directly beneath your shoulders hence great for your upper-body support. Such bike designs also create a seating position in which your weight is focused on your sit bones and less on your perineum. Additionally, go for handle bars that are narrower with thinner grips and shorter-reach brake levers.

3. Don’t Forget the accessories

While most countries or states have laws that require bike accessories like lights, they rarely come standard in most bikes. Accordingly, you need to really consider your needs before buying a bike. For instance, the mirror and basket might seem like non-essential at first, but the extra charge could save you a lot of extra grief. A basket is much more comfortable and is pretty worth it if you are concerned about safety and want to experience a more enjoyable ride.


Generally, the best ladies bike to purchase depends on your body and personal preferences. Hopefully, the above highlighted tips will help you choose the right bike. And once you have your new wonderful bike, strive to go places with it. Test the bike to the best of your ability—which will change with time. What’s more, there are many destinations your new shiny machine can take you, so see as many as you can. Happy adventure!

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